What It’s Like to Have Immigrant Parents

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I have immigrant parents and they worked their butts to get here.

They came here to make sure I have a good life and I don’t need to deal with the hardships they had.

My father left China at age 17 and started working at night and going to college during the day. Keep in mind he didn’t speak English at the time, but he still manage to get one of the highest scores in his classes. He also got into the most advance class, which he had to drop out of because of difficulty understanding the class.

Fast forward to present day, he can speak English fluently.

As for my mother, she married my dad at age 28 and then moved to the U.S.A.

A year later she had my older brother and then a year and a half later she had me. She didn’t go to work until both of us were in school. She worked three jobs until a few years ago when she left one of the jobs. Now she is working two jobs.

She still can’t speak English that well but she can speak a little bit.

My dad’s of the family left their businesses in China because it was made illegal to have your own business, or something along those lines.

As for my mother, she left her family to move to the U.S.A. But my grandparents did come over here when I was about five.

Sometimes it’s hard with immigrant parents because they don’t understand what you’re going through and you don’t understand what they went through.

But I still appreciate all the sacrifices they have made for me to have a better start in life.



The Problem with Kpop Companies


There is a huge problem in the Kpop community.

Firstly, there’s over 50 groups but only 3-4 groups get noticed by the public. Also, people that sign onto one of three main companies are typically the only ones who get noticed.

Those three companies are YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. These companies are what the public recognize the most.  The groups that are apart of these companies are extremely talented, but in other companies, there are even more unique and talented artists.

For example, Seventeen from Pledis Entertainment and Sf9 from FNC Entertainment. These groups aren’t as recognized by the public because they aren’t under the “Big 3”, which are the companies I mentioned before.

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But there are some diamonds in the rough, i.e. BTS from BigHit Entertainment. They are the Kpop group that won the Top Social Media Artists at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017.

They did get some major backlash though. People say that they look like girls and that they don’t deserve to get this award because they aren’t American. But that didn’t stop them from going to the BBMA’s this year as well and performing there. Now they are having a tour all over the U.S.A.

B2017 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals

BTS at 2017 BBMA’s.

Chinese society vs. American

This blog post will be more towards the female region in society since I am a female and I don’t know much about how males are treated in society that much.

Chinese society and American society is different in some ways.

Firstly, how they treat each gender differently. In America now, it is more liberal with how they are treating each gender more fairly. Over in China, the society still is quite strict. How it’s like how women stay home and men are the breadwinners. But it is not too bad because women still do work.

Then there is how your looks have to be. In America, you typically want to be tanner, skinny, but will toned muscles, which most people aren’t. In China, the ideal look is to be pale, straight eyebrows, skinny, double eyelids,  V shaped jaw for women, and big eyes. That’s the reason why most people started to wear circle contact lenses. For them it’s not for being able to see better. It’s for looks, to make themselves look more western.

Also, it’s considered taboo to dye your hair in China other than the color black or brown. Any other color would consider them to be “bad”. They also cannot have nail polish, earrings, no accessories, no long nails, uniform only and a lot of other stuff.

In America, they could careless about what you wear. Most public schools, you don’t wear uniform, can have nail polish, long nails, and any accessories you want to wear. Just as long as you stay in dress code of your school, which most schools have different versions.


This is just a photo on the Chinese streets.

Crazy Rich Asians is Just the Start (warning: spoilers)

cast_of_crazy_rich_asians_at_premiere_-_getty_-_h_2018Crazy Rich Asians is the first mainstream fully Asian cast in Hollywood. Yes there are some TV shows that have Asian characters, but typically they are the sidekicks or the nerdy character, with the stereotype that they are great at math and have straight A’s. But Crazy Rich Asians actually did something that hasn’t been seen before in Hollywood. They created a movie with and entirely Asian cast and all the main characters are Asian.

The lead female role is played by Constance Wu. You might know her from the show Fresh Off the Boat, which is a show about living as a Chinese family with parents that immigrated from China. She did an amazing job at portraying the role of Rachel Chu.

The lead male role is played by Henry Golding. This was actually his first acting role and he did an amazing job considering the fact that he’s a rookie. He portrayed Nick Young very well. Now he is going to be in a new movie called A Simple Favor, which stars him, Anna Kendrick, and Blake Lively. It should come out on September 14th of this year.

There are many other amazing actors in this movie like Gemma Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Awkwafina, Ken Jeong, Chris Pang and many others.

It has taken years for an all Asian casted movie to be main stream in Hollywood. This really is just the beginning for Hollywood to start changing and start adding more Asians in the main cast where they are significant to the film or show.

I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. It’s just such an amazing film and since I am Asian, I related a lot to the film. Like how the mother isn’t accepting of Rachel and Nick together saying “I know you aren’t what Nick needs.” That is how most Asian families are when it comes to you son or daughter’s significant other. Especially when it comes to the son since they are the one who will be carrying the family name.

Crazy Rich Asians is actually a clear representation of extremely rich Asians from Singapore, Malaysia, and other places. I just love the fact that there is finally a movie that I can relate to.

My favorite character from this movie has to be Peik Lin Goh, which is Rachel’s quirky best friend from university. Her family is also quite rich. Peik Lin is portrayed by Awkwafina. Her acting made me and my mom laugh so much. If she can make my Chinese mother, that understands limited English, laugh, then its a win. Even during interviews, she still has the same enthusiasm as in the movie. That’s something that I like about Awkwafina. How she is in the movie, personality wise, is the same way she acts in real life. I think that’s why she was able to play the role so well during the movie.

This movie is PG-13 and does have some cuss words as well, but its worth it to watch it.

Also in the opening scene, it was a flash back to ten years before Rachel and Nick went to Singapore. In the opening scene, Nick’s mother was asking for a room in an expensive London hotel. The manger had said this to them “I think you should check in at some where else. Perhaps Chinatown?” Trust me this isn’t just some acting in a movie. Though this isn’t supposed to mean anything to the actors when the manager says that. But this stuff does happen in real life. I feel like the director, Jon M. Chu,  wanted to show that this is how it was ten years ago and this is still how it is during present day.

Long story short, Nick’s mom made a phone call to her husband, who bought the hotel and the previous owner said that the manager will be working under Nick’s mother now. I don’t know about you, but that had me cackling. Karma is wonderful isn’t it?

Another amazing thing about this movie is that they actually spoke their native language. Which I believe is Cantonese, correct me if I’m wrong. But it was awesome to here they were speaking their native language. I could under stand parts of the dialect since is speak Twaisanese, which is a form of Cantonese.

Overall, I think that you should definitely watch this movie. It was such an amazing movie. The cinematography was amazing, the acting was well done, and it was absolutely hilarious. This movie is like a roller coaster on your emotions. Like you are happy one minute, laughing the other, and then sobbing of happy tears. This movie is a rom-com but it’s not like one of those terrible ones. It’s actually amazing.

Anyways, that’s all for now



New Blog

This is a fresh start from my old blog which used to be jkfilmsfan.wordpress.com, which doesn’t exist anymore. This will be a blog based around any news in the Asian community. The second post for this blog will come shortly this week.

That’s it for now